Custom Obedience and Problem Behavior Solutions

Unique situation?  Have some prior obedience training but still have obedience and/or undesirable behavior issues? Maybe prior training did not meet your expectations. My training techniques involve training methods that will motivate your dog to learn because it wants to. With an In-Home Evaluation we can asses your particular situation while involving input from the whole family in order to customize  a program to suit your needs. Depending on the issues to address, this course can be structured as a 4 to 7 week program.

It is important to understand that your dog isn't intentionally setting out to ruin your day or to make you upset.  It may appear as if your dog has a personal grudge against you or a score to settle but it is just acting the only way that has been working so far to get what it wants. This can be a result of a breakdown in communication causing a lot of frustration for you. When this happens, your dog can become equally frustrated and demonstrate symptoms of stress, irritability and overall unruly manners in the house or when walking on a leash. 

All dogs tend to inherently follow the guidelines of their leader if they recognize the presence of one. Since a dog's definition of a leader can be completely different than ours, it might not be aware that there is one. Whether it wants the position or not, it may feel a need to assume that role which can lead to a myriad of undesirable issues. You will be surprised at how eager your dog will be to relinquish the position in exchange for the security and rewards that its new leader will provide.

With a customized combination of positive reinforcement, pack leadership development, obedience training, proper socialization and communication, imagine how good life can be after that "light bulb moment" your dog has when it realizes how much easier and faster it is to get things that are "better" than what s/he wanted to begin with by learning to do the easy things you want instead.

Learn to communicate with each other then start enjoying that special bond that you were meant to share. Your new relationship with your dog will be one that you  will never forget.


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