Obedience Training

Basic Obedience  (4 Week Program)

The basic obedience training program can be started as early as 12 to 16 weeks of age on up. Your dog will be taught to "enthusiastically" respond to hearing its name and look to you for direction.

The pack leadership skills necessary for you to develop your dog's trust and sense of security will be developed along with understanding the importance of proper socialization. You will be able to understand the significance of the developmental stages your dog goes through in order to establish a healthier relationship. You will learn to effectively communicate with your dog and understand its language in order to reduce common inadvertent misunderstandings. Most importantly, your dog will develop confidence and a strong, positive association to the quality time you spend together during training.

With the use of hand signals and verbal cues from you, your dog will learn simple commands such as "sit", "down", "sit-stay", "down-stay" and "come". Also s/he will be able to demonstrate these skills while at home, both on and off leash with mild distractions.

  • Loose leash Walking 
  • Auto-Sit 
  • Let's Go 
  • Leave It   
  • Focus

  • Focused Sit in front of bowl prior to feeding 
  • Focused Sit prior to entering or exiting the house 

You will also receive direction for solutions to common undesirable behaviors that you may be encountering, as well as understanding how to avoid their onset.

 Advanced Obedience   (8 Week Program)

Includes everything in the basic program plus additional cues and skills that serve to further increase your dog's confidence, sense of worth and willingness to please you, the leader. After proficiency is achieved on leash under mild distractions, we will progress to greater distractions, distances and varied circumstances while on and off leash. 

Additional skills your dog will learn include:

  • Targeting
  • Proper Response to Doorbell
  • Greeting Guests
  • Heel
  • Emergency Recall


Your and your dog will be taught "targeting" which is used to teach specialized tasks and more complicated commands such as "close the door" or "turn on/off the light". Your dog will learn that no matter what it was interested in, you are more interesting and that it is more rewarding to disregard its current activity (i.e. running across a busy street) and "streak"  back to you in a blur after hearing the "emergency recall" cue. By now your dog is "hooked" and can't get enough because your relationship is now the most important issue in your dog's life.



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