New Puppy Orientation

This program takes about 2-3 hours and includes a follow-up visit in order to start your new puppy off on the right paw. Puppy's don't come with instructions so this will give you the help you need for a much easier transition. We (you & I) will use positive reinforcement to introduce the crate, puppy playpen and other necessary devices to safely manage your puppy's supervised and unsupervised environment.

We will use a gradual but positive approach to introduce your puppy to all of the stimuli that will be encountered in its new environment to avoid negative associations to everyday things and events. This will be done in such a manner as to not overwhelm your new family member. We will cover a myriad of "do's and don'ts" while we dispel many common myths. 

Among the many topics covered that are important for a healthy beginning are:
  • Understanding the different developmental periods
  • Proper Socialization  
  • Proper "Potty" Training 
  • Crate Training 
  • Introducing the Leash and Acceptable Collars 
  • Feeding Schedules and Nutritional Requirements 
  • Acceptable Play Toys and Chew Toys
  • Effective Chewing Deterrents 
  • Exercise Requirements  
  • Adequate Mental Stimulation 
  • Healthy Games and "Not So" Healthy Games   
  • Breed Characteristics and Motivators


You will be given complete explanations, answers and advice for all the "new puppy behaviors and responses" as you see them happen while I am there with you.
I will also provide a multitude of written guidelines and articles designed to assist you in the process. A follow-up is scheduled after a few days to address any additional questions or specific issues, but you will be encouraged to call me anytime you have a question or concern.  I always have time for my clients.



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