As a Certified Dog Trainer and owner of  K9Den Solutions Dog Training, it is my job to bridge the "cross species" communications barrier that can exist between you and your dog. When you learn how to communicate with your dog, you improve your relationship and help your dog achieve the confidence it needs in order to function in this crazy canine/human environment.

In-Home Dog Training and Puppy Training Programs

All behavior issues are best treated in the home where they occur since most behaviors are dependent upon a specific environment or person. For example, "dog to dog" or "dog to human" aggression issues are best treated in the environment where the dog is most likely to display the behavior. Issues such as house training, jumping on family members, excessive barking, jumping on furniture, mouthing, and other owner-specific or environment-specific behaviors are more effectively resolved when all family members are involved in the  process.

  Obedience Training
  Treating Common Problem Behaviors
  Custom Obedience and Problem Behaviors
  Puppy Training
  New Puppy Arrivals
  New "Rescue Dog" Arrivals
  Counter Conditioning/Behavior Modification

Most current mainstream dog training methodology focuses on the Dominance Theory  combined with positive motivation and most new school methodology focuses only on rewards. My dog training programs combine classical and operant conditioning training methods. In the last decade, the value and effectiveness of operant conditioning has been recognized by the majority of organizations involved with
Service Dogs, Search and Rescue, Assistance and Therapy dogs as the dog training method of choice. Dog trainers who have used operant conditioning have also achieved superior performance in obedience competition and agility events. While the mainstream method of dog training deems certain dogs as being "untrainable", any dog at any age can be taught using operant conditioning dog training methods.  
Your dog's motivation to learn should never be to avoid punishment, your dog should learn to obey you because it wants to. As the husband of a physically disabled (but lovely) wife, my dog training methods involve techniques that allow you to provide your dog with a leader without having to physically dominate your dog. In actual dog packs the "alpha dog" or "pack leader" is seldom the most dominant or physically superior member. You will discover by benevolently controlling your dog's resources (food , shelter, toys, attention and all of the things it values), you will be "alpha" by definition. Men, women, elderly people and handicapped people are all capable of being the "alpha", while very few people are capable of physically dominating their dog.

So, no matter what breed, sex, age or size of your dog, I would be honored to have you and your dog among my valued relationships. After all, I am a dog lover first and a dog trainer second. I know from first-hand experience the difference dog training makes in the relationship between dog and owner. Without professional training it can sometimes be a frustrating relationship, but with an investment in dog training a wonderful transformation will occur. There is nothing which satisfies me more than to see a happy dog and a happy owner!    




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