Behavior Modification Solutions

To Address and Treat the Problems Causing
  • Dog on Dog Aggression
  • Dog on Human Aggression  
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fearfulness
  • Fear of Men…or Women   
  • Fear of Children   
  • Fear of Objects (Vacuum Cleaner etc.)  
  • Fear of Strangers  
  • Fear of Thunder  
  • Fear of……?
  • Dominant Behavior   
  • Submissive Behavior (Wetting etc.)
  • Shy or Timid Behavior  
These are best addressed in the home where behaviors occur. In order for these treatment plans to be effective, it is vital to determine and treat the cause of the behavior, not just the symptom. Only treating the symptom is ineffective and potentially dangerous. 

For instance; a dog feels threatened when strangers approach, assumes a defensive threat posture then emits a warning growl. The trainer administers a physical correction for the response repeatedly until the dog no longer growls or appears threatening when approached. The dog is returned to the owner who is pleased that his dog no longer displays aggression toward strangers. The dog exhibits no signs of aggression toward strangers for over a month. The problem is evidently solved…..right?

Maybe so, if you could extinguish the smoldering fire in a building by disabling that annoying smoke alarm. No alarm, therefore life is good again.

Then after the dog bites someone and is released from quarantine his owner returns him to the trainer stating that "He was fine for over a month and then all of a sudden just attacked out of the blue with no warning at all". Sound familiar?

Physical correctio
ns are not required, especially in these situations by K9Den Solutions. Only after an In-Home Evaluation can we begin to understand the actual cause of the problem. Then a counter conditioning plan using positive reinforcement can be implemented in order to address the real issues.  

A well adjusted dog enjoying the security of its benevolent leader is a happy dog.  The treatment plans also supply pack leadership and relationship development.  Your relationship with your dog should bring you many happy years together, so let's let the good times begin.


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